Tour : Hole 12


Par 5. This beautiful golf hole is bordered by billabongs left and right off the tee. The view of the green is framed by red river gums either side of the fairway at about 100m out. These trees influence decisions for players in the ‘go-zone’. A daring second shot to the green will probably need some right to left shape to be successful. Bigger hitters might consider going ‘over the top’. Otherwise the option of lay-up to the trees is a choice well made with birdie opportunity created with the wedge for your third.

The green is divided into two with an elephant buried in the middle. Be sure the approach finds the appropriate half.


As the fairway slopes from right to left a drive right of centre is recommended. Your second shot should also be played down the right side to open up your approach to the green. For the long hitters, if the pin is located at the front of the green, then lay-up short of the gap, if the pin is located up the back left then you could attempt to take on the gap for an easier pitch. On approach, be wary of the false front, this front snares many golfers.

Kew GC – Hole 12 – Flyover from Gary Lisbon on Vimeo.

Hole 12 Details

Tee Metres Par
Blue: 474 5
Red: 435 5